SF Bay Freshwater-Starved Estuary

The Bay Institute’s major new study documents how the ecological health of San Francisco Bay and the nearby ocean is at high risk.

Film and Lecture Series

Our Film & Lecture Series features guest speakers, films and topics related to environmental issues as part of our mission to protect, restore and inspire conservation of San Francisco Bay and its watershed from the Sierra to the sea.

First Horizontal Levee to Become Operational

One of the most significant potential benefits of the Horizontal Levee concept is the restoration of vast tracts of tidal wetlands in San Francisco Bay.

The Drought

It's our responsibility as individuals and as a state to use water wisely at all times, and to prepare for the next drought.

Salmon Viewing Map

California, and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular, is a cornerstone for salmon spawning. Find the best spots around the Bay Area to view one of nature’s greatest spectacles.


Together, let’s turn the tide for the endangered Bay-Delta ecosystem and the countless species that depend on it. Your support will help put water where it is needed most to support our local food webs, fisheries, and economy.